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Traditionally Raised ~ Home Grown Local Meats
Beef ~ Pork ~ Lamb ~ Chicken ~ Turkey
Raised without the use of hormones, antibiotics or ractopamine (Paylean).

Beef ~ Pork ~ Lamb ~ Chicken ~ Turkey

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We would like to thank our members for taking the time to submit a testimonial. We have truly been touched by their kind words!

Liz from Toronto wrote:

I am very happy to get meat without antibiotics and hormones, and to support local farmers. Yours is the only ground beef which I will eat medium/ rare, without fear of salmonella, having read as much as I have about the huge agribusinesses and killing plants, especially in the US. Keep the beef connections system going, even if it becomes more expensive.


Ilze from Richmond Hill wrote

We won't be ordering this time round, but that's simply because the two of us can't finish what we already have. By the way, the pork (our first order) really does taste.  Well, it tastes the way I remember pork tasting a long time ago, and very much like the (Tamworth and Black-Spotted) I bought in England a few months back.  Good job!


Kathryn from Toronto wrote:

My brother in law raises cattle in Montana. He always has a freezer full of his own beef which tastes wonderful. We used to always avoid buying steaks and roasts after we came back from a visit because what we could buy at the grocery store was so disappointing by comparison. The meat from Beef Connections is excellent and now we don't have to go to Montana for a good steak.


Nancy from Toronto wrote:

Beef Connections has brought outstanding quality beef to us, direct from the farm, right into our local neighbourhood. The overall cost is very reasonable, often beating the local superstore, with a far higher quality product. We have given up buying beef from the grocery store, and look forward to receiving our delivery every few months. It is clearly packaged, in portions that work nicely for our small family of 3. I highly recommend Beef Connections for any family that likes high quality beef at reasonable prices, with the added bonus of supporting our small, local farmers.


Derek from Toronto wrote:

honest individuals, high quality products


Roy from Toronto wrote:

My wife saw an article on Beef Connections in the Globe and Mail when we lived in Guelph. That day - it was a Saturday - I called and arranged to drive out and pick up a box to try.

It was nothing less than terrific. The next night I bbq'd a steak for myself (my wife didn't eat beef). It was tasty, tender and well marbled - much better than store bought steak. I was hooked from that point on and have continued to buy from you.

BTW - my wife now eats beef ;)