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Raised without the use of hormones, antibiotics or ractopamine (Paylean).

Beef ~ Pork ~ Lamb ~ Chicken ~ Turkey


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Following the great success we are having with our Boxed Beef we have decided to add Boxed Pork to our product line.  As with the beef, we want to utilize the whole carcass and have as uniform selection of cuts as possible for each box.

The pigs in our Boxed Pork product are humanely raised in a loose housing facility with solid floors and straw bedding.  Manure is removed daily from the pigs living space keeping the barn air fresh and ammonia free.

The swine herd is fed a variety of grains including barley, wheat, peas, corn, flax (when available), faba beans and soybeans which are all grown and processed on farm.  Added vitamins and minerals are also fed to maintain animal health and productivity.

Outdoor Raised Pork

We have raised a small number of pigs outdoors (summer of 2011) in a home built straw house. We will be placing updates in our newsletter, so be sure you are on our mailing list. Sign up link at the bottom of the page.

A box contains a variety of cuts from the whole pig.

One 25 lb box of pork contains

Ham Roast


Pork Shoulder Roast


Pork Chops (6-7 Pkgs)

7-8 lbs

Garlic Sausage (5- 6 Pkgs)

5-6 lbs


3-3.5 lbs

Pork Patties (garlic)

1-2 lbs


1-1.5 lbs


The above list of contents are subject to change.  Suggestions are welcome.

7.5 lb boxes of pork chops and garlic sausage are available. Other items available are Bacon, Black Forest Ham Steaks, Pork Patties and Fresh Ground Pork.


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