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Traditionally Raised ~ Home Grown Local Meats
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Raised without the use of hormones, antibiotics or ractopamine (Paylean).

Beef ~ Pork ~ Lamb ~ Chicken ~ Turkey


We raise OMEGA-3 ENHANCED chicken by adding flax to their antibiotic free feed that we prepare on farm.

Here is an excerpt from a paper published on the internet from the North Dakota State University and U.S. Department of Agriculture

"Research indicates that including flax in poultry diets can have positive effects on broiler performance and egg fatty acid profiles. Ajuyah et al. (1991) included 10 percent or 20 percent flax in broiler diets and found less carcass fat and larger leg weights in flax-fed chickens. Additionally, they reported increased omega-3 fatty acids in meat from chickens fed flax diets. In a companion study, Ajuyah et al. (1993) fed 15 pecent flax to broilers and determined that dark meat had higher levels of ALA than white meat, with meat from flax-fed broilers higher in omega-3 fatty acids, compared with meat from chickens fed the control diet."

Two birds per box with a total weight of about 20.5 to 21.5 lbs / box.  The chcikens grew very well with an average weight of over 10 lbs .


Chicken parts:
We have a small number of boxes that have the chickens parted out.  Each box contains: 6 breast (individual), 6 drums (paired), 6 thighs (paired), one package of wings (split), plus two packages containing 2 pieces necks and backs attached (for soup).  These boxes weigh in the neibourhood of 27 to 28 lbs.


Please note that only one package of soup chicken is shown.  There are two packages in the boxes we have for sale.


Box contents can vary. Descriptions are available on the order form.

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