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I guess we are finally going to get some typical Canadian winter weather.  Not really fond of having to thaw out cattle drinkers several times a day during this cold snap.  It is nice to see snow cover on the fields, however.   Helps protect the plants from the -20C + wind chill. That was back when I started composing this newsletter.  Since then we have had rain and today……….. white outs.

Our next delivery is scheduled to take place on Saturday, March 2nd.  
*If you are interested in ordering a mixed quarter or side of beef and have not been in contact with Beef Connections, we really, really, really need to know soon.  We have some beef aging presently and they are due to be processed shortly.
**If you are interested in an organic mixed quarter or side of beef you have a little more time.  We should know your intentions sometime during the first week of February.
***If you are interested in custom cut side or whole carcass of pork, let us know as soon as you can so we can make arrangements with the butcher.
****We have a few turkeys available for Easter.


Vegetable News

We have had very good feedback about our fledgling vegetable venture.   We are going to change the packaging this coming season.   We are also going to add more information to the website about the people that grow the vegetables and how those vegetables are raised and processed.
We decided late last summer to offer two sizes of mixed vegetable boxes.  We wanted to get an idea of what quantity our members preferred.  We went with the mixed vegetable boxes as a sampler sort of offering.  We also wanted to know the vegetable variety likes and dislikes so we can best match production with consumption.  This was our shotgun approach.
In the future single and double item boxes and possibly custom boxes will be the typical offering.
If you have purchased vegetables, please send us some feedback if you haven’t already.  For those planning on ordering vegetables for the first time, in March we want your feedback too.  There is questionnaire available here.


Turkey News

Those members that have chosen to comment about our turkeys have nothing but rave reviews.
Nancy wrote: “The turkey was FANTASTIC. I've ordered it again.”  She also added,” Thanks for keeping us fed!” 
Thanks for the kind words!
We have four turkey roasters left.  So if you are planning on hosting an Easter celebratory meal ……………..


Retirement Announcements

Two of our Beef Connections farmers are retiring (the Weber’s and the Eden’s) from Beef Connections.
Gayle Weber, our acting president, and her husband Doug have decided that last December was their last trip to the city.  Doug is receiving his first pension cheque this month and well I guess they figured it was just time to …….. well…….retire.  Gayle is still going to be manning the toll free line for a while until Beef Connections gets re-organized.  They also offered to help out if we get in a pinch, but hopefully we can manage.

Bruce and Judy Eden are stepping back too.  Bruce is Beef Connections chief financial officer J and Judy was the secretary for Beef Connections.   The lack of time and help are the main reasons for their decision.   Their daughter has moved to Saskatchewan and is working for a crop supply company there and their son is doing his carpenter apprentice ship.  The Eden’s also had an opportunity to purchase a neighbouring farm last spring, which has added to the workload.  The upcoming delivery is going to be Bruce and Judy’s last delivery.

The three remaining farmer members are:
Ron, Mary Ellen and son Brad Wiltshire (Lamb)
Ernst Bayer (Organic Beef)
Robert and Heather Huber and Family. (Beef, pork & fowl)

As far as product supply we think we can manage.   There may be some changes in the future but for now it will be business as usual.


Website News

I have changed the look and feel of the Beef Connections order form.  The statistics that I have access to shows that 41% of our members use a mobile device to read our newsletter.  The then thought occurred that maybe the order form should be made mobile friendly.  So I made the attempt.  Hope it works well for you.   Planning on having some of the Beef Connections website mobile friendly also.   This is sort of learning as we go project.  Something to keep me out of trouble after the evening chores are completed.


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