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Traditionally Raised ~ Home Grown Local Meats
Beef ~ Pork ~ Lamb ~ Chicken ~ Turkey
Raised without the use of hormones, antibiotics or ractopamine (Paylean).

Beef ~ Pork ~ Lamb ~ Chicken ~ Turkey

LAMB ~ Wiltshire Farms

Born in 1989, Brad Wiltshire started farming with a flock of 50 sheep in the fall of 2009. While working full time at a fertilizer plant in Orangeville and helping out on his parents dairy farm, Brad is hoping to be able to  farm full time in 5-10 years.The conventional crops are grown on our owned or long held rented land.  The sheep are fed  hay and mixed grain chop in the winter. A mineral/vitamin premix is added to the grain chop. The sheep are pastured on grass in the summer. The adult sheep are vaccinated prior to being pastured to protect the sheep against pulpy kidney, black leg and other diseases. The lambs that are raised for meat are only given Vitamin E and Selenium, a standard and necessary procedure in this area. Lambs are kept with their mothers for at least 3 months, weaned and grouped together in large pens on straw. The sheep barn is actually a green house style barn with 2 layers of plastic and an air space in between, as a roof. This allows for lots of natural light and warmth in January and February when the ewes start to have their lambs.

Lambs are processed at Provincially licensed  abattoirs and are aged for 1 week before being cut, wrapped and frozen.


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