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Raised without the use of hormones, antibiotics or ractopamine (Paylean).

Beef ~ Pork ~ Lamb ~ Chicken ~ Turkey

ORGANIC BEEF ~ Bayer Farms

Bayer Farms has been raising Certified Organic Beef since 1996.  The organic grain and forages for these cattle is grown and prepared on farm.  Ernest also purchases organic ingredients like, kelp, flax and apple cider vinegar to supplement and balance the animals diets.  These well cared for cattle make an excellent beef choice for those customers who enjoy Organic foods.

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I am from Austria.  On our family farm the practice of mixed farming was refined.  Crops were rotated and fields were left fallow.  The land was spread with manure from healthy animals and as a result the soil produced quality food that sustained life.

Today with the evolution of factory farming, the use of the three main chemical fertilizers, planting the same crops in the same fields year after years, ignoring most of the essential and trace minerals, genetic engineering and food processing which removes virtually all the beneficial elements, our food is empty.  Most of modern mankind is totally depleted of minerals, which are the building blocks of life.  In the absence of minerals vitamins have no function.  Lacking vitamins, the system can make use of minerals, but lacking minerals vitamins are useless.

            Our farm is certified Organic since 1996 most of the acreage in cash crop Soya Beans, Buckwheat, Spelt, Flax, Alfalfa and hay.  The cow calf (Simmental) herds feeding program is in line of putting the Omega-3 elements in the meat as well minerals from plant derived sources.  The potassium is together with a grain mixture included in our formulas.  So the result is the value added Beef in response to consumer demands.  

[ What you feed is in the Meat.]

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Bayer Farms  (Organic Beef)
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